My Favorite Professor was Dr. David Waas

From Pat Gundersen Samata, Class of  1974:
I traveled with Dr. Waas 2x's (West Africa & Europe) and also took one of his classes.  His approach to teaching was exciting, fun and positive!  As our travel guide, he was always informative and never lost his patience or sense of humor!

My Favorite Professor was David Waas

From Roger K. Cox, Class of 1968:
After I graduated from Manchester, Dr. Waas stayed in contact with me.  While I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Sierra Leone, West Africa from 1968-1971, he contacted me and I helped arrange part of the Sierra Leone portion of a Manchester College trip.

My Favorite Professor was Jim Streator

From Michael Lantz, Class of  1980:
Dr. Streator inspired my interest in analytical chemistry.  His creation of a criminalistics course predated the popularity boom of interest in CSI-like television shows we enjoy today.

My Favorite Professor was John Planer

From Emily Schieber, Class of  2009:
Professor Planer, JHP, John; all names that I have used in reference to my favorite professor. John was, and still is, the one I go to when I need to talk ethics, personal life, Zorba the Greek, or death. I will always remember the FYC weekend!  :)

My Favorite Professor Emerson Niswander

From James Downey:
A great teacher who taught me to qustion everything.  Also, he has been a life-long friend.

My Favorite Professor was Emerson Niswander

From Tom Reeds, M.D., Class of 1963:
Great teacher.  Great role model.

My Favorite Professor was JoElyn McGowan (now Wakefield-Wright)

From Elaine Snyder, Class of 1973:
JoElyn was my voice teacher when as a  young singer I came to M.C.  She was patient, caring, inspiring, introducing me to a new world of performance.  She facilitated a number of unique singing opportunities for me, helping me develop my talent.

My Favorite Professor was Charles Klingler

From Janet Sizemore Schilling, Class of 1976:
Dr. Klingler always helped me to realize my worth as a student, and as a writer...and as a person.

My Favorite Professor was Onita Johnson

From Sandy Monce (Bruch), Class of 1985:
Mrs. J was such an enthusiastic, knowledgeable teacher.  She made learning fun and life long.  I can only hope to inspire my students the way she inspired her college students.

My Favorite Professor was Richard Harshbarger

From Jim Peirce, Class of 1979:
He made economics so easy to understand and enjoyable that I decided to major in it as well as business administration.

My Favorite Professor was Art Gilbert

From David Flora 1999 B.S.; 2000 M.A.:
Some of my classmates and I would have fun pretending to be Professor Gilbert.  One of my classmates sold me out about my impersonations of him, so Prof. Gilbert had me get up in front of the class and teach as him.  Most terrifying moment of my life!

My Favorite Professor was Arthur Gilbert

From Kurt Adams, Class of 1976:
Art knew how to get the most out of me, whether it was challenging for "steaks" in class, or telling me I wouldn't pass the CPA exam if I played baseball my senior year.  He knew I would try my hardest to prove him wrong...and I did!