Morning Chimes

From Angilee Miller Beery, Class of 1963

Did I miss my morning class? I don't remember. However, I have a clear memory of the bell chimes ringing and my dream mind thinking,"We won the ballgame!" and then the horrible realization that the chimes were the morning chimes, and I was still asleep!

Mentoring and Squeaky Floors

From Dr. Debra Merrifield ’86 Carothers 

My favorite memories include the mentoring I received from Manchester College professors.  Don Colburn, Neil Wollman and Gary Zimmerman offered tremendous support and encouragement from my position as the Psychology Department assistant to graduate school applicant with a personally tailored education experience.The squeaky floors of the Ad Building bring back good memories of hard work launching the career I have loved for the last twenty years.

The "Lively Fively"

From Janice (Miller) Hoffmann, Class of 1970

Imagine a naive, wholesome musical group that thought they were the cutting edge.  We gals wore white long-sleeved, oxford cloth, button-down shirts with jumpers we made for the occasion: navy blue with a white tattersall pattern.  We thought we were so sophisticated.  We were the "Lively Fively" and members included your current (esteemed) president, Dr. Jo Young ’69 Switzer, Beverly Sayers ’69 Eikenberry, Roger Cox ’68, Al Retzman ’69, and me, Janice Hoffmann. The Oaks coffee house was new and when we performed there on Friday or Saturday night, it might as well have been New York or Hollywood!

I Worked at WBKE

From Nevin Dulabaum, Class of 1987

I worked at WBKE for four years, serving as a DJ and a newscaster. However, I also spent three years broadcasting MC and Manchester High School football and basketball games, both at home and on the road. I have so many good memories of friendships made, and inane comments blurted out on the air that had us paralyzed with laughter for all to hear. Yes, those were blooper reel moments! These memories are still relived fondly today with those friends through Facebook and gatherings. But most importantly, all of my WBKE experiences collectively helped develop skills in public speaking, writing, editing, and leadership – skills that helped me have a successful longtime career in communications before moving to organizational management. Thanks MC for the opportunities!

Man in the Hall!

From Myrtis (Becker) Justiniano, Class of 1954

The girls' dorm, Oakwood, had bathrooms down the hall.  When a father wanted to visit and see his daughter's dorm room, it was necessary to alert the girls to be properly dressed in the hall.  Therefore the call, "Man in the hall!" was given.

That Profound Statement

From P. Carson Lantis, Class of 1960

As incoming freshman during the fall of 1956 a fellow from eastern Ohio and I became Calvin Ulrey dorm friends.  After several months of adjusting to Manchester College campus social living he told me, “Carson, you don't have to do things the other fellows do just to be accepted.  You can make your own decision and still be respected.” We don't know what influences we have on others at the time.  But that profound statement has helped me make choices throughout my whole life.